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Hall & Kay Security partners with Third Millennium for card readers in London Borough of Hackney

When Hall & Kay Security was asked by the London Borough of Hackney to provide a state-of-the-art access control system, they turned to Third Millennium for card readers.
A networked system covering council offices, care centres, libraries, youth hubs, and the town hall, to name just a few of the 42 council-run facilities, are all fitted with the highly secure RX280 reader, with the Third Millennium Secure Envelope technology.
Advanced access and visitor management system
With over 640 readers and 10,000 cards, the readers and cards not only control the main points of access but provide ‘follow-me’ printing, barrier control, and swing lane control at the Council headquarters.
A recent upgrade to the swing lanes was part of a security upgrade advised by the London Anti-Terror Branch and includes advanced visitor management and an extensive lock-down system.
Upgraded technology
Their cutting-edge reader technology offers great performance and reliability…