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GUARDIAN RFID’s officer experience platform ‘Command Cloud’ designed to improve safety and security for U.S. Correctional Facility Inmates and Officers

Guardian RFID, a pioneer in inmate tracking systems for more than 17 years, has announced the launch of its Officer Experience Platform (OXP), Command Cloud®, the only purpose-built OXP designed to equip correctional officers with all the tools required to create safe and secure environments.
Command Cloud
Command Cloud is an integrated suite of applications and services that deliver a Common Operating Picture (COP), a consolidated display of relevant information designed to improve awareness, collaboration, insight, and discoverability among corrections officers in any facility.
It leverages new and existing cameras, RFID, and vision systems, and will integrate with more than 80 different applications currently in use currently in correctional facilities including offender management, jail management, and case management systems.
Cloud-based platform
Command Cloud is a cloud-based platform paired with ruggedised mobile devices and can be easily deployed
Command Cloud is…