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Getting to know the Dahua WizMind illegal parking detection

As the quality of living conditions increases, the number of people who can afford vehicles also relatively rises over time. This has caused the constant surge of vehicles on the road that drastically exhausts the limited parking spaces in the city, resulting in some parking their car recklessly.
Challenge: Illegal parking
Illegal parking has become a big challenge for transport departments and traffic officers, especially in those cities that up to this day still manually issue parking tickets due to a lack of funding for an adequate parking ticket system. The efficiency of the manual parking ticket system is often subpar, not to mention the inability of on-site personnel to be on duty 24/7.
The current products on the market are also not capable of detecting/tracking a vehicle under occlusion, preventing these traditional devices from capturing the license plate of the violating car. Implementing an intelligent solution that can alleviate these issues is of paramount importance to…