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General (RET.) Stan McChrystal to deliver keynote at CONSULT 2022

CONSULT 2022 Technical Security Symposium to be held October 28-31, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee, announced the esteemed General (RET.) Stan McChrystal will be the event keynote speaker.
Called “one of America’s greatest warriors” by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, General McChrystal is widely praised for launching a revolution in warfare by leading a comprehensive counterterrorism organisation that fused intelligence and operations, redefining the way military and government agencies interact.
General’s accomplishments
Among the General’s many accomplishments in the military was the command of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) – responsible for leading the nation’s deployed military counterterrorism efforts around the globe.
Under his command, Saddam Hussein was captured in Iraq in 2003, and, in 2006, the terrorist and leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was eliminated.
Organisational management
McChrystal has been a passionate leader, educator,…