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“Gate of Europe”: Integrating Como Docks with Dahua Intelligent Solution

Consorzio Centro TIR Como Docks is a customs and logistics area that extends 150,000 m2 near the capital of Lake Como in Italy. Dubbed as the “Gate of Europe” by transport operators for its strategic location, it can accommodate up to 250 heavy vehicles at the same time, with a monthly transit estimated between 12,000 and 18,000 vehicles.
“We are the last outpost before Switzerland for hauliers who have to carry out customs clearance operations directed towards Northern Europe,” says Fabio Bertolutti, Head of Como Docks.
As one of the most important points between the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, the Como area faces massive logistics traffic. Como Docks welcomes approximately 1,000 heavy vehicles daily, which prompts an efficient management system. However, with their earlier system, this was not the case.
“Previously, each driver would receive a paper ticket at the entrance. They need to have the freight forwarder validate it to deduct an…