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Gallagher releases cloud-based security solution for small and medium businesses in the US – Gallagher security for SMB

Globally renowned provider of integrated security and site management solutions, Gallagher, has launched their cloud-based solution for small and medium businesses in the United States of America (USA) – Gallagher security for SMB.
Gallagher security for SMB app
Designed to simplify security operations, Gallagher security for SMB provides business owners with the freedom to manage their security from anywhere, with an easy-to-use mobile app. Its intelligent functionality enables users to arm and disarm alarms, lock and unlock doors, and manage incidents across multiple sites, all from their smartphone.
Steve Bell, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Gallagher, said “It’s no secret that we’ve seen a growing adoption of cloud technology in recent years, and for small and medium businesses, a cloud-based approach to their security can offer wide-ranging benefits.”
Cloud-based security solution
Gallagher security for SMB gives customers the h…