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G4S manages toll station operation and security at Denmark’s famous Storebælt Link

G4S manages the toll station operation of the Storebælt Link in Denmark, also known as the Great Belt Bridge in English, ensuring the smooth and efficient movement of up to 56,000 vehicles a day.
Storebælt Link
The Storebælt Link in Denmark straddles the Storebælt strait – or Great Belt in English – a stretch of water which divides Denmark into two. Danes are extremely proud of their bridges, which are some of the greatest civil engineering wonders of the modern world.
When it first opened on June 14, 1998, the Storebælt link, which consists of a rail tunnel and road bridge, was the longest in the world at 18 kms.
G4S – A/S Storebælt partnership
This is testament to the commitment of the team to build a partnership of trust and respect with our customer”
G4S has worked with bridge owner and operator, A/S Storebælt, a subsidiary of the Danish state-owned Sund & Bælt Holding A/S, since 2016…