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G4S develops electric vehicle assembly safety gold standard with specialised safety briefings and training

The popularity of electric vehicles is growing fast and there are a number of key safety considerations during assembly. G4S is working with the UK operations of a major European car manufacturer, at the forefront of best practice in protecting assembly teams, in what is a relatively new area, with its own specific safety challenges.
In 2021, one in ten cars bought in the United Kingdom (UK) were electric, according to the Society of Motoring Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), which us more than in the previous five years combined. In December 2021 alone, nearly a quarter of all cars bought in the UK were electric.
Thermal Runway
The phrase ‘thermal runaway’ is not something that the average person has as part of their vocabulary. But for Steve White, the National Account Director for G4S Secure Solutions in the United Kingdom (UK), it is very much front of mind.
Electric vehicles are powered by large batteries, either fuelled by the motion of the car itself (in…