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Frequentis expands control centre capability with acquisition of 51% share of Regola

“Frequentis has been looking to expand its public safety domain offering for quite some time, with Regola we have found clear attributes for a perfect fit. A fellow family-owned company, Regola shares our values and culture, and its products are of the most innovative on the market.”
“This acquisition underlines our Mission “For a Safer World” and brings us one step closer in meeting our vision to become the number one for safety-critical control centres globally. We are looking forward to reaching this goal with Regola,” says Norbert Haslacher, Frequentis CEO.
Software solutions company
Regola, founded in 1995, is a family-owned company based in Turin, Italy, that has been successfully active, primarily in the Italian market, for more than 25-years.
Regola’s solutions complement Frequentis product portfolio supporting its long-term Public Safety growth strategy
The company employs around 40 people; its main product is th…