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Flexible use of multimedia terminals in hospitals thanks to RFID

RFID systems are widely used in hospitals and other medical facilities for contactless identification. For physical access control, or for visiting and documentation purposes, for example. The applications are mainly limited to hospital personnel, and their primary goal is to lower costs and expenses. But there are also many more potential uses for RFID in hospitals and these applications put the focus on patient comfort.

During their stay at the hospital, patients have access to numerous cost-based services and offerings: the cafeteria, drink vending machines, TV, and Internet access. For most patients, it is not convenient or comfortable to carry around cash. Switching these services to a cashless system makes sense in terms of both hygiene and theft prevention too. RFID enables contactless payments and authentication with the utmost convenience.


To position themselves internationally as a provider of RFID-enabled authentication solutions for hospitals,…