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EVVA brings an update to Xesar version 3.1 to increase the ease of maintenance

Variety and simplicity are not mutually exclusive; they complement each other. The update to Xesar version 3.1, which is now available, shows how this is possible.
The tried-and-tested electronic Xesar access system will be even easier and better thanks to the update, which includes the new ‘Installation Manager.’ Another improvement: the Xesar tablet communicates with the new generation Xesar components (G 2.1) via radio.
Complete PC installation
The new Installation Manager helps users to install Xesar 3.1 on their PC. It guides the user through the software installation step by step. All necessary system settings are checked and solutions are offered in the event of errors. Users with little training can complete the PC installation in a short time and without any errors.
Another important new feature: the new Xesar components (G 2.1), such as handles or wall readers, communicate with the Xesar tablet via radio. The previous generation, Xesar 2 components (G…