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EMAR manufacturers secures e-tickets for public transport provided by RFID-enabled cash register systems

The Polish company EMAR manufacturers ticket vending machines for the public transport sector, including the fiscal printer EMAR 205. This is a special unit used for bus ticket sales and is also capable of handling electronic RFID tickets.
The original version of the device featured a simple RFID module that supported the MIFARE Classic® card technology. This technology became outdated and no longer complied with enhanced security requirements. EMAR, therefore, developed a new version of the EMAR 205 cash register device and equipped it with a modern RFID reading/writing module.

The RFID reading/writing module must enable the migration to a secure RFID technology while providing the option to use two technologies simultaneously.
The module must have a compact design so it can be easily integrated into the existing cash register system.

The ideal OEM solution: The size of the TWN4 MultiTech HF Mini is only 33 x 30 x 11 mm.

ELATEC TWN4 MultiTech…