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ELATEC provides TWN4 MultiTech 2 RFID card and NFC mobile credential reader to solve an inventory replacement concern

Point-of-use vending and dispensing helps manage and control the use of regularly required MRO, safety supplies, and high volume and high-value items, thus reducing waste, lowering cost, and increasing productivity.
Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) consumable and durable supplies are overhead costs that reduce a company’s gross profit. Thus, the value and strong market demand for automated point-of-use MRO industrial vending and dispensing systems.
RFID transponder technologies
As this US-based manufacturer (who requested anonymity) sells globally, the RFID-enabled access control card reader in their machines must accommodate the many different RFID transponder technologies used by its customers worldwide.
The RFID-enabled access control card reader must accommodate the different RFID transponder technologies
From personal protective equipment to industrial tools to high-value medical devices, the latest generation of ‘smart’ vending and disp…