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EBG compleo installs Elatec’s RFID for user authentication at electric charging points

The German company EBG compleo develops electric vehicle charging points that are sold worldwide. To win the contract for the “be emobil” charging points project for the city of Berlin, EBG compleo developed a solution that uses RFID to provide contactless access control at charging points.
The key requirement of the project was: The RFID technology with VDV-KA protocol already used in the public transport system will continue to be used for user authentication at the electric charging points.

The reader/writer has to support RFID technology with the VDV-KA protocol.
The reader must be easy to configure and accept remote updates to minimise maintenance costs and ensure worldwide use.

Successful outcomes with comprehensive RFID
The multifunctional RFID reader supports more than 60 RFID technologies, including the VDV-KA protocol

Until now, EBG compleo had no experience whatsoever in the RFID segment and therefore relied fully on the combined e…