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Eaton upgrades its FHF Phone range for hazardous area communications with IP4 capabilities

Power management company, Eaton has announced that it is upgrading its popular FHF Phones for hazardous area communications with IP4 technology.
The new Eaton FHF IP4 Phones will deliver improved functionality, as well as improved reliability and compatibility, in order to keep workers connected in the most extreme industrial environments.
Eaton FHF IP4 Phones
Commenting on the upgrade, Eaton’s Product Manager, Stefan Wosnitza, said “Our industrial grade, weather-proof and explosion-proof Eaton FHF Phones are already trusted in hazardous areas, in many industries, including oil & gas, chemical processing, conventional and renewable power generation, and marine applications, from ports and harbours to cruise ships.”
Eaton took a conscious decision not to alter the physical appearance of this trusted brand of phones
Stefan Wosnitza adds, “They often form part of a safety-critical communications network, so it is important that they mai…