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Eagle Eye Networks’ LPR makes highly accurate licence plate recognition possible with any security camera

Eagle Eye Networks, the global pioneer in cloud video surveillance launched Eagle Eye LPR (license plate recognition), which uses artificial intelligence (AI) in a true cloud-based system for high accuracy in all kinds of challenging conditions. Eagle Eye LPR operates on readily available security cameras making it affordable and practical for today’s business owners.  
Increased accuracy
“We’re seeing increased demand for LPR/ANPR for security and business optimisation. Eagle Eye LPR is designed to be easy to deploy and manage, and it does not require the purchase of special cameras,” said Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks.
“Our industry-leading AI not only provides high accuracy, but the Eagle Eye cloud LPR is also continuously improved to support new license plates and increase accuracy.”
Seamless monitoring with AI
The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS will continue to support cameras and other LPR technologie…