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Dr. Ivan Joseph, expert in leadership announced as ESX 2022 keynote speaker

Award-winning coach and Ph.D. sports psychologist, Dr. Ivan Joseph is bringing his expert understanding of Success, Self-Confidence, and Grit to the ESX Main Stage, on June 15. He has developed; applied and refined dozens of techniques that lead to high performance and excellence. 
“I am thrilled to hear Dr. Joseph speak on building self-confidence and success. He is a master communicator that will help us better understand how to overcome our challenges and improve individual and team performance,” says George DeMarco, ESX Chairman.
Motivational talk
In this energising and motivational talk, users will learn the secrets Dr. Joseph used to help individuals and teams reach goals they never thought possible. Humour, visualisation, and immersive activities will keep everyone engaged and create a memorable experience.
Users will walk away from this session with the ability to: 

Develop and sustain self-confidence, especially in times of adversit…