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DooBird launches A1121, new IP access control device with keypad and RFID

The new DoorBird A1121 IP access control device is available worldwide. The WiFi/PoE-enabled stand-alone solution provides secure access control via keypad PIN codes or RFID transponder to garages, side entrances, and service rooms.
Access control device
Bird Home Automation, the Berlin-based manufacturer of IP video door stations, launched the DoorBird A1121 reaching a new milestone in the field of intelligent door communication.
The new access control device with a keypad and RFID function is particularly applicable in places where no video intercom system is desired. For example, the compact device can control access to garages, side doors, bicycle cellars, storage, and service rooms.
Stand-alone solution
Due to the weatherproof housing, the device can be surface or flush-mounted
To match the installation environment, customers can choose from a variety of front panel finishes. In addition to brushed stainless steel, more surfaces and colours are available from stock, such as…