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Dicentis conference system from Bosch delivers flawless performance at EU-Western Balkans summit

A Dicentis conference system from Bosch played a key role to ensure a structured meeting and making the EU Western Balkans summit a successful event.
Two Dicentis multimedia devices, 40 Dicentis discussion devices, and 18 interpreter desks from Bosch were deployed at the summit, along with six Avonic CM73 and two CM20 cameras for split view plus other peripheral equipment.
EU Western Balkans summit
The in-person summit was held in October 2021 in Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia. The leaders of the EU member states met in person with the six Western Balkans partners.
Slovenia took over the presidency of the Council of the European Union in July 2021 and hosted this get-together, marking the highlight of their presidency. Local AV Solutions Company and Bosch partner Robotrade, a member of the Congress Rental Network (CRN), was commissioned with the technical execution of the two-day summit.
Absence of wireless conferencing equipment
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