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Delta to showcase their high-performance industrial automation systems at the SPS Italia 2022

Delta, a world-class provider of industrial automation solutions, will present its portfolio of high-performance industrial automation systems at the 2022 SPS Italia to reflect the market need for smart manufacturing and production. These include the AX series motion controllers based on the CODESYS development environment, the new ASDA-B3 series servo systems, and the DVP50MC PLC motion controller.
“Automation and digitalisation play important roles in smart manufacturing,” says Luca Cavagnari, Italy Head of Sales at Delta’s Industrial Automation Business Group.
Motion control development
“We cooperate with the CODESYS® group to utilise our motion control development system and offer a brand new motion control solution based on CODESYS, to help our customers take full advantage of smart manufacturing.”
The PLC-based AX-3 series and PC-based AX-8 series utilise the CODESYS development environment, thus supporting the industr…