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Dedrone delivers first multi-layered mobile AI-powered drone detection unit

Dedrone, the market pioneer in smart airspace security announced the launch of its first portable detection unit, DedroneRapidResponse.
AI-based mobile platform
Dedrone detects, identifies, locates, and analyses nearly 300 drone types. The new solution offers Dedrone’s AI-powered technology in a mobile platform attached to a tower, anywhere from 30-to 50’ high, that can be easily towed and maneuvered on a trailer using an SUV or truck.
DedroneRapidResponse, available for use around the world, provides a critical capability to ensure public safety at large events including sports, parades, concerts, large gatherings, crime scenes, police activity, and more.  
Cloud-enabled software
Dedrone easily networks multiple trailers to deliver optimal drone security for large public safety events
Using cloud-enabled software, DedroneRapidResponse pinpoints the drone, providing insights into its load and the pilot’s location as soon as a drone is turned on, giving…