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Dallmeier brings Panomera Privacy Shield cameras to enhance surveillance during public assemblies

Back in March 2020, the Higher Administrative Court for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) issued the following decision, citing Article 8 of the Grundgesetz, the German Constitution: In the case of peaceful assemblies, fixed position video surveillance systems for all participants must be deactivated in a manner that is visible at a distance.
Since then, a growing number of German cities have begun relying on the Panomera® cameras with ‘data protection shutter’ from the German video technology manufacturer Dallmeier. The reason: Maximum protection of individual rights for minimum expense.
Immovable video cameras
Since the decision by the NRW Higher Administration Court in March 2020 (file number: 15 A 1139/19), German operators of immovable video cameras that are installed in public areas are obliged to deactivate them during public assemblies in a way that is ‘visible at a distance.’ The objective is to remove an intimidating…