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Dallmeier brings a new generation of dome cameras by launching DOMERA® 6000 camera series

With the ‘DOMERA® 6000’ camera series, Dallmeier presents a completely new generation of dome cameras. The multi-talent camera delivers top-notch video analysis results even under the most demanding light conditions.
This is supported by AI-based Edge analytics as well as image capture with the latest generation of sensors in four and eight megapixels. With a theoretical total of well over 300 conceivable combinations, the modular DOMERA® housing and mounting system is usable for most indoor and outdoor video applications. Rapid installation and adjustment to changed surroundings is assured by the ‘Dallmeier RPoD,’ with remote-controlled, motor-driven lens adjustment in three axes, the PTRZ (Pan Tilt Roll Zoom) function.
Traditional dome cameras
For lighting, the first-ever ring of IR and white light LEDs located outside of the bubble is used. The system thus eliminates the lighting problems that beset traditional dome cameras….