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Dahua’s smart car parking solution eases traffic flow in Addis Ababa

Ethiopia’s first smart parking lot which is designed to improve traffic flow and management efficiency has been built and installed using Dahua Technology’s smart parking solutions.
Meskel Square is a historic site in Addis Ababa used for public gatherings and festivals, which was redeveloped in 2021 to include a 1,400-space underground car park as well as a range of retail facilities.
The car park operator’s objectives were to reduce the need for cumbersome manual entry, payment, and exit procedures which held up traffic caused long queues, and needed many security personnel to administer.
In addition, the lack of an integrated system resulted in poor efficiency, ineffective and inflexible charging systems, and no effective supervision and recording of charges, leading to unfortunate losses and even complaints from visitors.

Dahua’s smart parking solutions installed by Anhui Antai Technology Co., Ltd. include entrance…