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Dahua Technology’s intelligent fishery management solution helps protect aquatic biodiversity in Dongting Lake

Dongting Lake, the second largest freshwater lake in China, covers an area of 2,579.2 square kilometres and is known as the ‘Kidney of the Yangtze River’. Since the implementation of the national policy pertaining to a ‘ten-year fishing ban’ in the Yangtze River, aquatic biodiversity in the lake has been effectively restored.
Gradually, the once ordinary fishermen have now become ‘patrolling fishermen’ to protect the aquatic environment of the lake. They diligently patrol the entire lake and its surrounding embankment, attentively observe every ship on the surface, and silently protect its ecological health, both day and night.
Patrolling fishermen
Thanks to these fishermen’s unceasing efforts, as well as the constant aid from the fishery department, the damaged aquatic life in the lake is now slowly recovering. Aquatic species, such as swordfish that disappeared for many years, have now returned to the lake. Finl…