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Dahua Technology explains how a video monitoring solution can ensure smarter security for a variety of applications

What is a video monitoring solution? Think of it like a traditional security alarm service, but with live video that monitors sensitive areas 24/7.
As compared to traditional video monitoring services that require a person to be physically sitting and watching a screen – or sometimes many screens – a modern video monitoring solution can be set so automatic alerts are sent via mobile app or email, notifying administrators or security personnel, when an event occurs.
Dahua’s smart video monitoring solution
There are a wide variety of locations and use cases that can benefit from a modern video monitoring solution. Consider, for example, residential communities, such as apartment complexes with multiple public spaces. There are so many different areas of a community that might require video security, including mailbox rooms, pools areas, a club house, fitness and business centres. 
To ensure these areas are safe and particularly during after hours – a user of Dahua…