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Dahua Technology announces the release of the new dual-lens Night Color 2.0 Fusion Camera

Dahua Technology, the globally renowned video-centric company and provider of smart IoT solutions, has announced their new Night Color 2.0 Fusion Camera.
Dahua’s Night Color 2.0 Fusion Camera is the only 4 MP camera on the market that has dual-lens technology, providing full-colour images in poorly lit scenes.
Night Color 2.0 Fusion Camera
The Night Color 2.0 Fusion Camera (N45DUD2) has two 4 MP sensors. “One sensor extracts detail from the visible spectrum and the second extracts brightness from the infrared spectrum,” explains Jennifer Hackenburg, the Product Marketing Director at Dahua Technology USA.
Jennifer Hackenburg adds, “Then, these two images are completely fused, using frame-by-frame mapping at the pixel level. The result is a brightness close to visible-light brightness. In fact, the final image is 36% brighter than that of a standard 4 MP camera.”
Night Color Fusion Technology
Night Color Fusion Technology is ideal f…