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Dahua explains the advantages of integrating AI applications in school for the benefits of students

AI is empowering a new generation of advanced, efficient security systems. In the field of education, AI is also facilitating the digital and intelligent upgrading of schools and institutions from K12 to universities.
AI applications such as smart identification, deep learning, and intelligent analysis greatly reduce manpower costs, while improving the security level and management efficiency at the same time. AI-enabled innovative teaching methods can help enhance engagement in both remote and in-person classes, and promote a conducive learning environment for students.
Access control system
To give the users a better understanding of how can schools benefit from utilising advanced technologies like AI, here’s a list of some of its campus applications:
Installing an AI-enabled access control system can effectively prevent unauthorised entry into the campus
Prevent unauthorised entry into campus – Campus entrances and exits are areas vulnerable to external threats. A ro…