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Dahua develops integrated off-grid security solutions for monitoring of scenarios beyond the grid lines

Thinking of installing a surveillance system but the site is located off the grid? Yeah, that could be troublesome, and often requires great patience as long as the power grid line itself. A lot of people may think that just because they do not have the same infrastructure as what they have in the city, deploying a surveillance system in a remote area may not be the smartest idea due to antiquated source of power supply, lack of relevant devices, costly installation, and maintenance, etc.
Nevertheless, with the advent of continuous innovation and development in technology, intelligent solutions are gradually emerging to make sure that any area, whether on-grid or off-grid, is not left behind. One of these solutions involves harnessing solar energy, which is one of the predicted technology trends for 2022.
Deploying outdoor surveillance monitoring in an off-grid scenario could be very challenging compared to its conventional counterparts. Installation of traditional outdoo…