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ComNet announces their next generation of Razberi video management products

ComNet Products from ACRE, a Danbury, Connecticut, USA-based manufacturer of fibre optic transmission and networking equipment is announcing its next generation of Razberi video management products.
The next-gen Razberi® ServerSwitch IQ™ intelligent video appliance is a high-performance managed ethernet PoE switch, server, and video storage appliance, part of a complete suite of appliances that provide security pioneers with large-scale video recording, scalability, reliability, and automated cybersecurity with remote management.
Access control points
The Razberi appliance allows cameras, access control points, and other devices to add layers of protection while lowering the threat of cybersecurity risks to businesses all while reducing needed network bandwidth.
As part of this next generation of Razberi products, an upgraded Remote Monitor and Manage (RMM) service has been added. With this new functionality, Razberi provides a purpose-built RMM service that monit…