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CLIQ® access control simplifies the management of technicians for a network of electric vehicles charging stations

Securing valuable outdoor locations and managing their ever-moving team of service contractors is a challenge common across the infrastructure sector. It demands an electronic locking system with robust hardware and simplified key management, which saves administrators’ time and cuts the number of wasted journeys contractors must make.
EV charging stations
Comfort Charge is a Bonn-based Deutsche Telekom subsidiary that operates charging stations for electric vehicles throughout Germany. Parts of the existing telecommunications infrastructure are being upgraded to create the network for these public charging points.
Electric vehicles can be conveniently charged at stations using charge cards supplied by partner e-mobility providers (EMPs) or with conventional cashless payment methods.
A modern locking solution was needed for Comfort Charge’s network of rapid-charge stations
Due to the highly innovative technology used, it takes a mere 10 minutes to ch…