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Climax Technology launches new generation indoor and outdoor VST-892/VST-892EX PIR motion sensor camera series with groundbreaking image transfer rate and uncompromised HD quality

Climax Technology launches a new-generation Indoor and Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor Camera, VST-892/VST-892EX Series, both of which adopt revolutionary SF1 technology.
SF1 technology endows compatible products with optimum image transfer speed while preserving high resolution, which is unparalleled by any products in the current market.
Alarm image transmission speed 3 times faster
As SF1 technology is an upscaling to the existing F1, the next-generation motion sensor cameras retain F1’s 2-Km long communication range, while having an even faster, state-of-the-art image transmission speed.
In fact, SF1 technology can leverage alarm image transmission speed at around 2 to 3 times compared to the previous generation’s rate, making it the fastest in the industry.
HD image transfer at a recording-breaking rate
The upgrade ensures that all details vital to visual alarm verification are promptly notified to users
SF1 technology can make visual verification faster and more real-…