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Chubb’s remote video monitoring prevents break-in with fast response and escalation

Workspace Group PLC is the provider of commercial business premises within central London and is ideal for businesses looking to make their mark in London.
Like other commercial property owners, Workspace has been a victim of crime and anti-social activity during out-of-hours periods. By having a robust and reliable dedicated security monitoring service, the experts at Chubb’s Monitoring Centre, have supported a significant reduction in such offences.
Proactive LCD video wall
The dedicated experts work on a standalone desk with a proactive LCD video wall consisting of eight monitors viewing four Workspace sites per monitor which actively monitor high-risk doors and entrances. The team recognised a known offender who had committed offences across the Workspace estate entering the premises by tailgating a genuine customer through the entrance doors.
The team contacted the Police and simultaneously dispatched the assigned keyholding mobile guard to intervene. While the Polic…