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Chubb unlocks the operational value of CCTV integration

The use of CCTV surveillance in business is proliferating. According to a recent report assessing the growth and trends in video surveillance, the market was valued at £40 billion in 2020 but is expected to reach more than £68 billion by 2026. This growth is largely due to the increasing need for physical security and the greater adoption of cloud-based services for centralising data. 
A key consideration for businesses running CCTV systems is the increasing potential of unlocking additional operational value by integrating video surveillance with other building management systems already on the network. Jason Hillier, Sales Director for Frontline Security Solutions, a Chubb company, shares his expertise on CCTV integration. 
Technology at the edge
In the last 5 years, video technology has moved on in leaps and bounds. Beyond just capturing an image, users have seen a lot more investment in what they can do with a camera.