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China’s city of Xi’an adopts Hikvision’s intelligent traffic management system to reducing journey time

Traffic continues to grow in every major city. But how to beat congestion in these restricted urban spaces? In China’s ancient-walled city of Xi’an, they’re adopting an intelligent traffic management system based on Hikvision technology and boosting traffic flow while reducing journey time. 
The Chinese city of Xi’an, known as Chang’an in ancient times, was the center of ancient oriental civilisation. Thirteen dynasties spanning Chinese history have chosen Xi’an as their capital. Currently, Xi’an is not simply a part of history: it’s a high-tech hub, renowned across China for its scientific research and education, manufacturing, technology, and transportation. 
The challenge
Allowing a city to grow and flow within ancient walls
Despite being a modern hub, Xi’an still retains its ‘checkerboard’ layout from the Tang Dynasty, complete with its border of tall and ancient walls.
Nevertheless, wh…