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Camlock Systems launches all new detachable micro-lock system; the series 400

As part of their pursuit to develop the smartest locking technology within their markets, Camlock Systems have engineered an adaptable, micro latch system offering multiple configurations, introducing The Series 400. 
Miniature locking system
The Series 400 is a high-performance, miniature locking system that was designed around customer needs; maintaining security while preserving precious cabinet space. Engineered to make access control possible in applications with limited room, the S400 is built in two detachable parts, a latch and actuator providing the freedom to detach and house the actuator in the most convenient recess or panel.
Its flexibility and small size mean operators can have a smart lock that enhances the product’s ecosystem, without compromising on function. 
Universal installation
Series 400 provides built-in override and lock monitoring as well as optional door monitoring…