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Camden Door Controls introduces the first surface mount RIM strike with preload

Camden Door Controls introduces to market the first surface mount RIM strike with preload. This CX-EPD1289L grade 1 surface mount RIM strike with latch monitoring also offers a ‘Universal’ strike design that delivers unparalleled application flexibility, with both UL security and fire listings.
The number one reason that RIM strikes fail to operate is pressure on the keepers of the strike, which is known as preload. Preload can be caused by differences in air pressure on each side of the door, a misaligned door or simply someone pushing on the door before the strike is unlocked. But regardless of the cause, Camden’s 1289L RIM strike will operate where other strikes fail!
Camden CX-EPD1289L RIM strikes
A metal mounting jig is included in the packaging, making installation fast and easy
The patented design of these new Camden CX-EPD1289L RIM strikes enables them to operate with up to 15 pounds of preload pressure. This eliminates the need for future serv…