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Brigade Electronics launches new artificial intelligent vehicle safety system: CarEYE® Safety Angle Turning Assistant

Brigade Electronics, a provider of vehicle safety systems has launched a new artificial intelligent vehicle safety system to the UK market.
CarEYE® Safety Angle Turning Assistant from EYYES GmbH has been offered by Brigade GmbH in Germany for more than a year and was trialed by its long-standing partner, Geier & Söhne Transportgesellschaft mbH in the country. Geier & Söhne Transportgesellschaft mbH fitted the device, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to detect pedestrians, cyclists, and objects, to one of its Mercedes Actros vehicles.
Real-time information
The system’s AI is set up to accurately evaluate the images from cameras fitted to the vehicle and can calculate the future course of motion of nearby people or objects. Based on this data, the system reliably and accurately warns the driver in real-time of a possible collision before it occurs.
Warnings are issued either actively with…