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Bosch Inteox cameras with Traffic Detector software integration with Genetec Security Center for a complete transportation security solution

Maintaining an efficient flow of vehicles, people, and goods throughout cities and communities is fundamental to everyday life and business activities. Transportation professionals need to reduce response times, improve traffic flow, and enhance the driving experience.
Bosch offers a smart choice to address these challenges with its Inteox fixed and moving camera models, Traffic Detector software, and seamless integration with Genetec Security Center.
Traffic Detector software
Developed on Bosch’s intellectual property in automotive applications, the Traffic Detector software is founded on deep neural network-based video analytics. It is trained using high quality, real-life data from the field, in order to enable it to recognise patterns, to tackle more complex tasks faster, easier, and more accurately.
The software is designed to detect, classify, and count overlapping trucks, buses, motorcycles, and bicycles, in congested roadway scenes, with additional metadata, including speed…