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Avigilon’s smart security solutions help schools build a brighter future

Designed exclusively for deaf and hard of hearing students, and with both residential and live on-campus programs, it is essential for the American School for the Deaf to maintain a secure learning environment. 
By deploying a comprehensive Motorola Solutions Video Security & Analytics system, the American School for the Deaf sought to gain expansive video coverage that provided enough clarity to decipher American Sign Language, an access control system that could be centrally operated, and real-time alerts of potentially critical events on campus.
ACC video management software
Avigilon Control centre (ACC) video management software was chosen to provide a centralised platform where security personnel can easily monitor and manage video, with built-in Avigilon Appearance Search and Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technologies that enable them to locate specific individuals, incidents, or evidence in minutes instead of hours. 
For a campus with 24-hour activ…