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Avigilon improves city centre safety with Worcester City Council

Worcester City Council provides efficient essential services for over 95,000 residents and, working with the local community, it aims to create a prosperous, safe city and to improve the quality of life for residents, students and visitors.
Worcester City Council operates a video surveillance system in the city centre predominantly for crime prevention and deterrence, facilitating the apprehension and prosecution of offenders, identifying missing persons, and flood monitoring.
Avigilon PTZ and multisensor cameras
All images from the cameras are fed back to a secure, 24/7 monitoring suite control room based at Pershore
A range of Avigilon PTZ and multisensor cameras have been installed in strategic locations and trouble spots around Worcester city centre; all the cameras have infrared (IR) technology to provide exceptional image quality, even in low-light settings. 
All images from the camera…