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Ava Security announces the release of Ava Quad, the first cloud-native multisensor security camera in the market

Ava Security has announced plans to release Ava Quad, the first cloud-native multisensor security camera on the market, further expanding the suite of cloud-connected video monitoring tools available on the Ava Aware platform.
Multisensor security cameras
Multisensor security cameras are designed to provide 360° visibility through multiple sensors, which is advantageous for customers looking for multi-angle coverage over wide outdoor or indoor areas, such as large crossroads, parking lots, campuses, and stadiums.
With more area covered by a single device, multisensor cameras are also more cost and time-effective when it comes to installation and maintenance. However, until now, multisensor cameras have only been available for on-premise installments, which has meant a lack of flexibility and remote access and left cameras vulnerable to out-of-date software.
Ava Quad
Customers will benefit from easier access to security data and in-built video and audio analytics
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