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Austrian town, Mistelbach’s fire brigade solve their ‘lost key problem’ with CLIQ Go electronic locking system from ASSA ABLOY

In the town of Mistelbach, close to Austria’s borders with Czechia and Slovakia, a voluntary fire service has been in operation for 140 years. In that time, they have not only fought the dangers posed by fire, but also provided first aid in special operations, such as vehicle recovery and rescues.
Disaster assistance service
A disaster assistance service is also in place, in order to provide regional aid in the event of a disaster and to support, or relieve fire brigades on major assignments, such as large-scale fires, natural disasters, supplying emergency provisions to the local population or clearing roads.
Michael Holzschuh, Assistant Commander of the voluntary fire brigade, outlined the requirements for a new locking system. He said “Quick response is essential, if we are called out and every second counts. Plus, it’s easy for things to get lost. To lose a key is particularly irritating, with 50 colleagues, which means 50 keys. In the past, losing…