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Athena Security, Inc. announces the release of their new Concealed Weapons Detection System that uses multiple sensors to detect a threat

Built to detect a wide range of mass casualty weapons, this system passes the Federal Standard for accuracy and is 10x faster than legacy metal detectors.
The system uses multiple sensors to both detect a threat, as well as identify and then ignore harmless personal items, so that people can walk through without removing phones, watches, belts, batteries, and other personal items. The sensors include magnetometer, induction, lidar, thermal, visual camera, and machine learning technologies.
Concealed Weapons Detection System
The system is designed to scan one person at a time, walking at normal speed, through the pillars and towards the thermal camera. The maximum number of people is about 1 per second, or 3,600 people per hour as the maximum flow rate.
The system can be con­figured to show ‘Clear’, if nothing is detected and show and say ‘Not Clear’, if the algorithm detects possible weapons.
Auditory or visual alarms
This alarm can…