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ASSA ABLOY shares the benefits of selecting a right door closer to free the building from unseen barriers

When it comes to access for everyone, no matter their size, age, strength, dexterity, or abilities, not every door closer is created equal. Installing the right one — for access through an entrance or interior door — can be the difference between making buildings accessible and simply swapping one barrier for another.
Many countries and international organisations including the European Union suggest or enforce accessibility standards for public and private buildings. In many cases, these regulations apply for specifying both new construction and retrofit projects.
Barrier-free accessibility
Installing a door closer is often seen as an ideal solution. The right door closer will ease access through heavy or otherwise awkward openings. When every important door opens with less effort, building owners offer a more equal experience and encourage participation in the workplace or public life. However, not every door closer will do this job well enough.
The right door…