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ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions and TM Konsult work together to deliver compliant doors quickly

Speed and accuracy are critical to finalising door specifications in any complex architecture project. Working with ASSA ABLOY’s Openings Studio specification consultants helps Sweden’s TM Konsult to support customers of every size with clearer information. Collaboration speeds up the process and allows architects to focus on building design.
Door and security specification can be slow and laborious. For architects and designers who may be unfamiliar with the technical detail of door solutions, it can be a drain on valuable design and creative time.
Complex door environments
ASSA ABLOY’s specification consultancy service provides this expertise. Specification experts help to ensure everyone involved in a project can access up-to-date information quickly. This service and local knowledge are available in regions and markets all over the world.
TM Konsult has worked with ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions on multiple projects including hotels
In Sweden, TM Ko…