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ASSA ABLOY explains 5 reasons why connected access control makes life easier for security managers

To enjoy the benefits of connected security, businesses need security technologies that work seamlessly with each other. In a recent survey of industry professionals, over 90% noted the critical importance of integration across building management functions.
But why is integration judged to be so important? What exactly are its benefits? And how can an organisation reap them? There are several ways a connected access solution can help a business to do more both enhancing security and contributing to overall business success.
1) Control every system from a single seat
“Access control systems are often viewed as the starting point for a building to shift from operating in siloes, towards a more functional, connected and ‘integrated’ building management system,” explains a new IFSEC Global white paper on security management.
The white paper considers integration’s cost and efficiency impact on organisations. Control from a single, inte…