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Aqua Security’s new research report uncovers the evolving techniques targeting cloud native environments

Aqua Security, the globally renowned pure-play cloud native security provider, has published new research from Aqua’s threat research team, Nautilus, which demonstrates attackers are finding new ways to target cloud native environments.
The research shows that adversaries are adopting more sophisticated techniques, leveraging multiple attack components and shifting attention to Kubernetes and the software supply chain.
Aqua’s new research report
The ‘2022 Cloud Native Threat Report: Tracking Software Supply Chain and Kubernetes Attacks and Techniques’ offers insight on trends and key takeaways for practitioners about the cloud native threat landscape.
Research revealed that adversaries are engaging with new tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), to specifically target cloud native environments. While cryptominers were the most common malware observed, with increasing frequency, Team Nautilus discovered an increased usage of backdoors, roo…