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Aqua Security research shows nearly 70% of CISOs believe OSS offers a faster path to security

Aqua Security, the pure-play cloud-native security provider issued new research that shows that nearly 70% of chief information security officers (CISOs) believe open source security solutions provide a faster way to secure their environments.
Likewise, 78% of CISOs believe open source solutions provide them with access to the best and most current innovations in cloud security, and more than 60% actively prefer to work with vendors who build open-source projects.
Cloud security and OSS
The report is based on a survey, commissioned by Aqua, of 100 U.S.-based CISOs at Fortune 1000 or larger companies representing a cross-section of industries. Its purpose was to evaluate security decision makers’ understanding and perspectives regarding cloud-native security and the use of open-source software (OSS). 
Cloud-native environments will benefit from the rapid innovation and agility that are within the OSS community”
“Perceptions of open source software…