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Amberstone Security to become UK’s largest privately owned security company

Security solutions services company Amberstone Security has released ambitious plans to become the UK’s largest privately owned security provider by 2025.
The business was born out of Cardinal Security, which fell into administration just two years after an MBO. Cardinal’s Founder, Jason Trigg, who had exited the business on completion of the MBO returned to save the remnants of Cardinal in 2018, ultimately creating the new company Amberstone Security.
Risk-based model for security and guarding solutions
Amberstone Security offered a new risk-based model for deploying security and guarding solutions, using proprietary AI based systems. The objective was to make sure the right people were in the right place at the right time and with the right equipment.
Amberstone’s risk-based model was a surprising development in the industry
This risk-based approach, using historical data as well as myriad of live data points, offered retailer customers numerous adv…